The Forensic Science graduate program’s mission is to provide a program of study that prepares students for the forensic science marketplace. Students receive fundamental training in a range of forensic fields while choosing a concentration in forensic chemistry, toxicology, or forensic biology. Students receive an individualized educational experience that focuses on experiential learning, original research, and real-world application. The Forensic Science program is committed to diversity and inclusion which are essential to creating a vibrant and equitable professional community.


Student Outcomes

Our faculty are active within the forensic science community, both as researchers and practitioners.  Our aim is to model professionalism and scientific rigor to mentor our students into confident, competent, and ethical future forensic scientists.

Our students acquire life-long skills in communication, project management, knowledge acquisition, and research. Our students regularly interact with forensic organizations early in their careers creating connections that open new research and employment opportunities.

Successful students from our Department acquire the following: 

a thorough understanding of the theory, concepts, and methods of analytical chemistry and molecular biology within a forensic setting

a breadth of knowledge in forensic science and competence in laboratory techniques

the completion of novel and significant research with forensically relevant applications utilizing laboratory methodologies

written and oral communication skills for successful research dissemination and court room testimony


Diversity & Inclusion

The Forensic Science program is determined to create and foster an educational environment of inclusion, diversity, openness, and respect for the range of backgrounds and communities that contribute our campus family.  These include race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, socioeconomic status, national origin, language, sexual orientation, and differing abilities.  Diversity enriches the forensic science profession.  The Forensic Science program aims to:

  • Encourage respectful dialogue and exploration of diverse ideas, topics, perspectives, and issues within our community;
  • Promote equitable access to all students to them them thrive as future forensic science professionals;
  • Provide opportunities for students to share their cultural experience and identities, allowing others to learn from this exchange; and
  • Prepare students from all backgrounds to cultivate respect, understanding, awareness, empathy, and cooperation.